Fast Uninstaller for Root 1.9


Fast Uninstaller for Root is a fast, advanced, powerful, and easy to use replacement for slow, and user unfriendly System Uninstaller, it comes with functions like Uninstall by 1-click, search application in your devices, launch application, search you application Android Market. Fast uninstaller provides a total solution for the uninstalling task.

Root devices

1) Uninstall and Launche applications easily by 1-click!
2) Show application name, verion, size, min SDK, icon
3) Search your application by keywords
4) User can open Application before uninstall.
5) all kinds of sorting
6) Simplest User Interface
7) Search your installed application in Android Market

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Last Updated:2011-09-19 02:30:03
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OS:Android 1.5 and up